Tuesday, November 1, 2011


At our ward trunk or treat... Halle was a cupcake princess :)
i need to get the rest of the pictures off my camera so i can post eva- she wasnt dressed as anything, i just put her in a little halloween outfit.

I have tried SO many times to get video to work and this is the first time it actually happened!! YAY! Halle had lots of fun trick or treating on saturday at our ward building- Mimi, papa and Aunt Jen all came. And GG (mike's grandma) all the way from virginia was there too! And then we had a chili cook-off and i won best chili- woot woot!! then we headed to the marriot center to watch Jaren play in his first real BYU game!
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David and Shalynna said...

Ummmmmmm, since when is Halle old enough to have pigtails?! Where has the time gone!? She is ADORABLE in her costume and I loved the video. Hearing your voice makes me miss you!

Chelsey said...

Cute costume Halle!

Marin said...

Those PICTURES are so CUTE!!! I had all the kids watch the video's and they just LOVED seeing Halle!!! I love her little costume it is so cute!

Erin and James Sweeney said...

Cute pictures! We're going to miss being so close to you guys and having Emma and Halle get to play together so often!