Tuesday, February 28, 2012

from the mouth of a 2 year old

More Halle stories :)
Our day yesterday:
Halle woke up and walked out of her room to find me and eva in my room playing and she looked at us and say, "oh (giggle, giggle) hi".
Then while watching Lion king previews some disney thing came up with glitter and sparkles (Disney Enhancement maybe? is that even something?) and said in a whisper, "oh, beautiful!"
Then during the movie while i was feeding Eva a bottle Halle said, "mommy, i want one."
Me: "you want one of what?"
Halle: "Mommy, I want one!"
me: "Halle, you want one of WHAT?"
"I want one"
"What do you want Halle? I dont knwo what you're talking about"
"I WANT ONE mommy!"
then finally after me saying "one of WHAT?" AGAIN she grabbed my face and turned it and put her mouth about an inch away from my ear and said VERY slowly and clearly, "Mommy, I WANT ONE" (i never did figure out what she wanted)
Then at dinner Jaren was trying to a story when Halle whispered, "mufasa"..."Mufasa"... "MUFASA!" We all cracked up
To say the least, I laughed many times at this girl!

Eating treats in the dryer

Friday, February 3, 2012

oh halle

last night i had a relief society thing so mike watch the girls and got them all ready for bed. i got home and he had already put Eva to sleep so all i had to do was get Halle down while mike headed off to the BYU basketball game. We read a couple of stories and then i tucked her in and sang a few songs and left the room. I went into my room and read for about an hour, then decided to check on the girls and Halle was WIDE awake just looking around and laying in bed! I couldn't believe that girl! Then I remembered that somehow she took a 3 1/2 hour nap earlier that afternoon which is twice as long as her normal naps, so apparently she really wasn't tired :) but what a good girl- i didnt hear a peep out of her and she just laid there quietly. then i regretted going in to check on her because she wanted me to stay with her-so i did for a few minutes then kissed her again and said goodnight. Then i came into the family room and turned on the TV for a few minutes and then she decided to come out with a giant grin on her face and grab a blanket and come cuddle with me on the couch... sometimes its so hard to discipline when she is just so dang cute and sweet! So I watch another few minutes and told her she could come to bed with mommy! I brushed my teeth and crawled into my bed with my sweet little girl and it was some of the sweetest moments of my week! she tickled my arm, i tickled her arm, we made shapes with our hands, she played with my hair, we gave lots of butterfly kisses with giggles after, sang songs, and she reached over many times and gave me a big hug and said "I love you SO MUCH!" And I love my girls SO much! It is just amazing to me how fast time goes and how fast they grow. They definitely can be a hand full at times but I am just so happy at how often I get to play with and really enjoy them! I am so glad that I dont have to work and that I get to stay at home all day everyday- even if at the end of the week I REALLY need a break :)

Another funny Halle story: A few days ago we went into the girls room to put them down for naps. I was holding Eva and trying to give her a little time to fall asleep, so i told Halle to get into her own bed. She climbed up and it happen to get made that morning so she needed to pull the covers down but she struggled for awhile with getting them down while she was sitting on top of them at the same time :) and then adjusting her pillow and getting UNDER the covers and getting them up on her in the right place so FINALLY everything was in place so she laid her head back onto her pillow and about 5 seconds later she sits straight up,
"All done mommy,"
Me, "No Halle you're not all done you need to take a nap"
Halle (in a super sweet innocent voice) - "no its okay mommy"
Me, "Halle, you need to lay back down and close your eyes and take a nap silly; its nap time so we are all taking a nap."
Halle, "No, no mommy. Halle no nap"
Me, "yes Halle you do need a nap. Lay down."
Then she swings her legs out from under the covers off the side of the bed so she's just sitting on the edge does a fake yawn and stretches her arms to the ceiling, "all done mommy, thanks" and hops out of bed.... Oh i was trying not to laugh so hard! Well, she did end up cooperating and getting back in bed and napping thankfully :)

She sure is a smart cookie! :) She makes me laugh all the time and i love her for it!