Friday, February 26, 2010

random loves

things i love:

#1: the sun... oh how i just love the sunshine!!!!!!!!!! i truely am a warm-blooded, sun needing Arizona girl! I remember before i came to utah meeting a couple who had just gotten married and they advised me to date someone for a year before getting married so i could see them through each season. they said, "ya because some people get all depressed in the winter." and i thought it was good advice- then i came to utah and dicovered I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!haha I laugh to myself because seriously i need the sun!! Even Mike, who is the biggest utah advocate i've ever met, realized how much happier things are when the sun is out 350 days of the year after we live in AZ last semester. unfortunately we dont always see this lovely natural phenomenon too much this time of year in the great state of utah. :)

#2: my down comforter! i LOVE crawling into bed and feeling the softness of my blanket every night. Its so warm, yet light and just perfection.

#3: My glasses. I just got these new glasses before Halle was born and they are so wonderful! My old pair were not the right prescription anymore and one of the side arm things was broken off but i still wore them and they would always fall off and drove me crazy! so i LOVE being able to where these (which i do all morning every morning) and not having to put my contacts in if i dont want to. picture: yep just woke up and yay for my white skin; see lack of sun in utah comment earlier

#4: my cute hubby of course! this is a picture of him as a little boy- isnt he so dang cute!!??! i LOVE it!

And he's is still so dang good looking!! :) I am one lucky girl!

#5: NO TV! This week we have not been watching any TV and it is glorious! We unplugged it so we wouldnt be tempted and it seriously is SO nice. I have LOVED being able to just focus on Halle and Mike!

#6: my little one naturally... but i mention her all the time, so, i'll just say i just LOVE playing with her and today in particular i LOVE when she gets a good long nap! She tends to wake up after 40 minutes and think she's done with her nap time, so when she gets a good hour and a half to 2 hour nap she always wakes up so content and i get a lot done around the house!

#7: I love the little random things in the old house we live in. Take this pineapple light for example (Niki this one is for you. one reason i would be bad at trying to do your amazing vintage style is that i dont know when you look at things and go "ooo thats cool vintage" or "no thats ugly vintage" :)) Where can you find these? They are classic! LOVE them!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Of course more of Halle

Helping me with laundry
Sleeping on dad while dad studies

Halle's BFF Hadley came over to play last week and they had lots of fun together :)

Halle wanted to steal Hadley's bow

Just hangin out

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Valentine's Week

Happy Valentine's Week to everyone! We hope you have a week full of LOVE! :)

How could you not LOVE this!?!? OOOOOoooo she is just so cuddly and cute!

Monday, February 1, 2010


he he he

Halle is learning to sit up! She is still pretty unstable but we're practicing


Mike and I spoke in church yesterday. Mike did so awesome :) We spoke on covenants. I decided to speak specificly on temple covenants and i spoke on making temple covenants, keeping those covenants, living and appreciating them, and then remembering temple covenants. Here are some quotes i shared:
Making temple covenants: "Marriage and family are at the heart of why God sent us to earth. We will receive our exaltation as married people or not at all." Bruce C. Hafen
Keeping temple covenants: "Divorce is not part of the gospel plan. If all mankind would live in strict obedience to the gospel all marriages would be eternal, divorce would be unknown..." Joseph Fielding Smith
Living and appreciating our temple covenants: "An eternal bond doesn't just happen as a result of sealing covenants we make in the temple. How we conduct ourselves in this life will determine what we will be in all eternities to come." Robert D. Hales
Remembering temple covenants: "A periodic review of the covenants we have made with the Lord will help us with our priorities and with balance in our lives. This review will help us see where we need to repent and change our lives to ensure that we are worthy of the promises that accompany our covenants and sacred ordinances. Working out our own salvation requires good planning and deliberate, valiant effort." M. Russell Ballard
If you have not read the book Covenant Hearts by Bruce C. Hafen buy it today!! It is one of my most favorite books ever!