Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Eva is just the most beautiful thing i've seen in my life! She melts my heart everyday! She is so happy and content all the time. She is a good eater and pretty good sleeper :) She makes all of us smile and she really couldn't be a better baby! The photo below is from a few weeks ago when it was a little warmer... its starting to snow now so we're wearing much warmer clothes nowadays!!
This is Eva's Halloween outfit I created. I made the leggings out of socks from target and the onesie is a cat that i copied from a Halloween shirt we got for Halle at Old Navy... they matched on friday (so cute!) so i'll have to get those pics up sometime!


At our ward trunk or treat... Halle was a cupcake princess :)
i need to get the rest of the pictures off my camera so i can post eva- she wasnt dressed as anything, i just put her in a little halloween outfit.

I have tried SO many times to get video to work and this is the first time it actually happened!! YAY! Halle had lots of fun trick or treating on saturday at our ward building- Mimi, papa and Aunt Jen all came. And GG (mike's grandma) all the way from virginia was there too! And then we had a chili cook-off and i won best chili- woot woot!! then we headed to the marriot center to watch Jaren play in his first real BYU game!
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eva Kate

These pictures are not in order but I wanted to share picture of our new sweet baby Eva Kate Smith- Born July 15th. She has been so precious and such a blessing to our family so far! The rest of the picture are from our family reunion at the beach last week, which was so much fun! We love the beach!
Halle could not get enough of the whole beach experience! She loved splashing in the water and running from the waves, she loved digging in the sand, she loved covering her whole body in sand, and she loved playing with all of her cousins!!

This is how baby Eva spent most of her time at the beach :) sleeping and eating, of course :)

First bath at home

i love this photo. She is so cute! i'd love for her to play tennis when she gets older

Best friend cousins. She LOVED carden!

Right after the delivery. Me and Eva, Midwife- Jennifer, Mike, and Aubrey our doula. I couldnt have asked for a better experience. After having a c-section with Halle I was so nervous about being able to do a VBAC. After having lots of nerves the days right before, i finally was able to calm down and realize this baby was going to come when the time really was right, and I knew my body would do what it needed too. Things fell into place perfectly and I couldnt have asked for the day to go better! we were SO blessed!

Just after being cleaned off

Halle is SO good with little Eva. Its so sweet! She wants to give her loves and kisses all the time so we have to watch her pretty carefully :)

Our last few minutes in the hospital room before heading home!

We cannot get enough of these 2 girls! I feel so lucky to have 2 girls first! They are so sweet and i just cant wait for Eva to get bigger so they can play together and be best friends :)

Friday, May 13, 2011


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Just us

So here are more pictures of Halle... I'm sure it gets boring that all I ever post is pictures of her :) She is growing up so fast and I just want to keep her this age forever...even though I know each stage will just get more and more fun! She says so many words now and tries to say anything you point out or ask her to repeat. She especially loves all animals and pointing out cows and horses as we are driving around- I will try and get up video of her talking soon. She also loves to sing and dance! Its so funny to listen to her sing at church. And pretty much every time ANY kind of music comes on she cant help but move her little body! She is so sweet and we cant get enough of her... I also think she's is going to be such a good big sister because she is so sweet to her baby dolls and loves to hold them and feed them and give them loves :) Lastly, our BIG NEWS since last posting is that we are having a GIRL!!! I will be honest, at first I was a little disappointed, but as I thought about being able to use all of Halle's stuff over again, that the girls can share a room, and they will be best little friends I can WAIT for this other little girl to come!! I am getting SO anxious!! I know its going to be a little crazy making the adjustment from one to 2, but I am just SO excited, it seems like time is passing so slow and its forever away until she gets here! So we hope you enjoy some pictures of our little girl for now and since its FINALLY starting to warm up here in Utah we will be able to do some fun family things outside and get some fun pictures of ALL of us soon!

This morning Halle wanted to put on Mike's belt and it fit her perfectly (twice around of course) she thought it was pretty fun having daddy's belt on and i thought it was pretty funny :) She also LOVES princesses... she found this princess book at the library a couple of days ago and she reads it ALL the time since bringing it home.

Halle crunched a bunch of goldfish on our bed so she had to help daddy vacuum them all up... We were trying to teach her a lesson, so its a good thing she didnt see me laughing at how cute i thought this was

Halle's favorite animal both times we've been to the zoo was the giraffe! And she tries to say it and its so cute! This one got within about a foot and she thought it was so cool!

Fun at the zoo!! We went to the Zoo with Best friends Chelsey and Hadley last week and we all had lots of fun! Halle seems to like farm animals more at this stage- i think partly because she can get much closer to them so they are more real to her

Grandma helped me learn how to do a new little hairdo on Halle and I am just loving it! She is so darling

Got her mid-word, and i thought it was just such a funny, cute little face

This is her super "CHEESEY" face... unfortunately I only got it from the side because she was doing it for grandma


Right after her Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's. She found every egg!! And LOVED it!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family Portraits

We had Family Portraits done in AZ right before Christmas and they turned out great!! (thanks so much Wendy!) I know I havent posted forever, so our most recent big news is that we are expecting our 2nd little baby- due July 19th and we are SO excited!! Halle is growing up WAY to fast and is the cutest, most rambunctious and curious little girl I've ever seen, which makes for a handful as a mom, but I wouldnt have it any other way!