Monday, June 15, 2009

James' B-day celebration. Happy Birthday James!! (we had homemade ice cream thats why he's holding a strawberry with his candles :)

Cutest baby girl cousin Claire-- Baby Halle will be getting lots of cute cloths from Claire :) lucky us!!

Mike shooting a hoop across the pool from the slide

The boys getting pretty wild playing 21

Chelsey and I had a joint shower thrown by all the cute girls we work with. We had yummy homemade Cafe Rio salads and we got tons of fun and needed stuff! Thanks to everyone!!

28 Weeks!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some pictures

So all these pictures are like a month old, but i need to post more often and i havent gotten any new pictures recently so i thought old was better than nothing! We planted a garden a few weeks ago (unfortunately it doesn't seem to be doing too well at this point).

I made this amazing looking cake-- sadly it looks better than it tasted!! :)

Me at 23 weeks! I will take more pictures this weekend and post them since I'm 28 weeks now! I'm so behind- Ahhh!