Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halle and her blessing day

What a perfect day it was on Halle's blessing day! She looked adorable and Mike did a wonderful job! I'm so grateful for an amazing worthy husband and a big Thank You to Halle's uncles and grandpas who could be there! We sure missed uncle Sean who's on his mission!


Oh she is so precious!! She changes so much! Halle has already graduated into size 1 diapers :) and sleeps between 5 and 7 hours straight every night, then feeds for like 40 minutes and goes back to sleep for another 2 hours which has made life so much better! She smiles ALL the time and OOOoooo i just love it so much!!! I feel like a real mommy now with a little buddy who loves me back and really really knows who i am and likes to play! Hopefully i'll get some more smiling pictures soon- she seems to get distracted when i pull the camera out and i can never get the split second right when she's smiling good!

So mike thinks its pretty cool that Halle is so "flexible", SO he loves to put her toe in her mouth because then she sucks on it! It actually is really hilarious! :) I think this is something only a dad would do

Driving the Alpine Loop right as the leaves began to change