Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halle and her blessing day

What a perfect day it was on Halle's blessing day! She looked adorable and Mike did a wonderful job! I'm so grateful for an amazing worthy husband and a big Thank You to Halle's uncles and grandpas who could be there! We sure missed uncle Sean who's on his mission!


Oh she is so precious!! She changes so much! Halle has already graduated into size 1 diapers :) and sleeps between 5 and 7 hours straight every night, then feeds for like 40 minutes and goes back to sleep for another 2 hours which has made life so much better! She smiles ALL the time and OOOoooo i just love it so much!!! I feel like a real mommy now with a little buddy who loves me back and really really knows who i am and likes to play! Hopefully i'll get some more smiling pictures soon- she seems to get distracted when i pull the camera out and i can never get the split second right when she's smiling good!

So mike thinks its pretty cool that Halle is so "flexible", SO he loves to put her toe in her mouth because then she sucks on it! It actually is really hilarious! :) I think this is something only a dad would do

Driving the Alpine Loop right as the leaves began to change


Morgan and Melissa Sarager said...

She is just precious! Beautiful little girl. And I love the toe sucking!

Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

She is SOOOO cute!! I want to see her sometime!!!! and I still have a present for you!!!

Chelsey said...

Beautiful baby girl! Miss you guys!

Marin said...

Ohhhh she is just so sweet! Wish we could have been there at the baby blessing. You know if we really had an income/jobs and if I wasn't 33 weeks pregnant with twins we SO would have been there!!! What a beautiful little family!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Marin said...

Oh and Ashley you LOOK amazing!!!

justin said...

cute pictures. i think halle looks like mike, or at least has his smile. in that first picture of her she looks like mike to me.

anyways, we can't wait to see you again so our babies can "play"!

i really love fall in utah, and i actually love it here in sacramento...for whatever reason it reminds me of buenos aires here.

Lindsay Jones said...

oh my gosh, i had no idea you had a baby!! i didn't even know you were pregnant!


she is so so adorable!!

how fun.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

oops. that last comment was from me.

i was under my sisters account.

Ashlee's Annals said...

Okay, you totally don't know me but I just saw your name on Alex Hall's blog and I had to come comment on your blog, we have the same name! And as I read on your blog I realized that we have the same anniversary. Crazy! Congrats on your new baby, she's beautiful!

Kristen Sweeney said...

Okay, you know how Michelle is always closing her eyes in photos? Well, I just realized where she gets that from... Grandma Litta! Grandma Litta suffers from "Photo Shut-Eye" Syndrome too! :) Funny I haven't connected that before but they both are classic for having their eyes closed in pictures. Funny. But we still love them, of course, and always want them in our pictures. We'll just have to work on that poor Eye Syndrome. hee hee hee :)