Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family fun

My Family visted last week because they had Spring break. They always come up to ski and stay with us, which is always lots of fun! We miss being close! We had fun eating, going to movies, watching movies, eating more, going to thanksgiving point and playing games. We miss them already! At least they are only a 9 hour drive away- i dont think i'd be able to handle being much farther!

Halle loved uncle Jaren's XBox controllers and watching him play- she got in on the fun this time :)

Ah i love this picture- look at them looking at each other! SO cute

Halle has officially started crawling! She is just army crawling right now, but boy can this little girl move! We are definitely at the point where babyproofing is a must. She is so adorable and i LOVE watching her scoot around

Halle loves her uncles! This is Mike's brother Sean. He loves Halle and it is so cute to watch him with her. We love having Mike's family close so we get to see them regularly!

Loves with dad

Mike tied this scarf around Halle's head and i thought she looked so hilarious! We think she looks like something on star wars in this picture. :) In the picture below- what is she doing? i have no idea, but this picture cracks me up! She looks like i gangster with her left hand and her sagging eye- hahaha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our 6 month old

44th percentile for weight- 15lbs exactly
89th percentile for length- 26.5 inches
72nd percentile for head circumference- 16.85 inches (her grandpa says her beauty just goes to her head) :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Adorable Giveaway!!!

Come one, come all!!
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