Friday, September 18, 2009


Just some cute pictures of the cutest little baby girl in the world!! :)
So, if you know my family, you know basketball is life for the boys! So we found this cute tiny shirt that says, "My Grandpa Rocks" that we put Halle in and took some pics with a basketball for her grandpa (and all her uncles and and her great grandpa would appreciate it too)

Napping with Daddy-- SO CUTE!

Photo shoot with mommy and Nana

First Family outing... a drive up to and walking around beautiful Sundance

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So i wanted some advice from current mommys... Halle is approaching her 3 week mark and i am having lots of pain still while breastfeeding. EVERYTHING i read in books and online about breastfeeding says it should not hurt, and the only reason it would hurt is because of improper latch on. However, i have watched many videos, read in my books and online, talked to many people and studied it a lot and i feel like we (me and Halle) are doing everything mentioned for proper latch on!! But it is still so painful. Very frustrating... i'm thinking about going to a lactation specialist to try and figure out what i'm doing wrong. Is this just part of feeding and i need to just wait it out? or is it really preventable like all the experts say? I want to call up these experts and ask if any of them have ever actually breastfed?? :) Advice please!!!