Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eva Kate

These pictures are not in order but I wanted to share picture of our new sweet baby Eva Kate Smith- Born July 15th. She has been so precious and such a blessing to our family so far! The rest of the picture are from our family reunion at the beach last week, which was so much fun! We love the beach!
Halle could not get enough of the whole beach experience! She loved splashing in the water and running from the waves, she loved digging in the sand, she loved covering her whole body in sand, and she loved playing with all of her cousins!!

This is how baby Eva spent most of her time at the beach :) sleeping and eating, of course :)

First bath at home

i love this photo. She is so cute! i'd love for her to play tennis when she gets older

Best friend cousins. She LOVED carden!

Right after the delivery. Me and Eva, Midwife- Jennifer, Mike, and Aubrey our doula. I couldnt have asked for a better experience. After having a c-section with Halle I was so nervous about being able to do a VBAC. After having lots of nerves the days right before, i finally was able to calm down and realize this baby was going to come when the time really was right, and I knew my body would do what it needed too. Things fell into place perfectly and I couldnt have asked for the day to go better! we were SO blessed!

Just after being cleaned off

Halle is SO good with little Eva. Its so sweet! She wants to give her loves and kisses all the time so we have to watch her pretty carefully :)

Our last few minutes in the hospital room before heading home!

We cannot get enough of these 2 girls! I feel so lucky to have 2 girls first! They are so sweet and i just cant wait for Eva to get bigger so they can play together and be best friends :)


Drew said...

We can't wait to meet her! I think every time I say her name I will say it like Wall-E says Eve's name. Does Kate have any significance to either of you or do you just like it? I usually think it's more of a nickname, but it sounds cute after Eva.

Meghan said...

She is SO cute! And Halle is getting so big too! I am so happy that your birth experience was a good one - I had a c-section with Ethan as well and I really like hearing about good VBAC stories!

Chelsey said...

Cute pictures guys!! We miss you come home!!

Morgan and Melissa Sarager said...

Eva is so precious! I love her name too. Glad everything went well. The beach is fun with kids. We took Stella last month and she basically did the same thing by covering herself with the sand. She loved it. Cute pictures!

Brittney Blount said...

K i just came accross this post! Congrats and Cute, Cute girls! You need to post more often!!

Brittney Blount said...

K i just came accross this post! Congrats and Cute, Cute girls! You need to post more often!!

porter and karla said...

me skinny..... no! lookat you, you look great! she is adorable! i had no idea we were having these little girls so close! how fun! i too cant wait until you are back in az, we just moved back to mesa! congrats ashley!!! p.s i saw your family in sacrament meeting a while back, you and your sister are identical!

Brian and Jessica McCann said...

She is sooo cute!! Congrats Ash!!

Liz Brown said...

Hey Ash -- cute beach pictures. Need a new Halle video. :-D Love ya.