Friday, February 26, 2010

random loves

things i love:

#1: the sun... oh how i just love the sunshine!!!!!!!!!! i truely am a warm-blooded, sun needing Arizona girl! I remember before i came to utah meeting a couple who had just gotten married and they advised me to date someone for a year before getting married so i could see them through each season. they said, "ya because some people get all depressed in the winter." and i thought it was good advice- then i came to utah and dicovered I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!haha I laugh to myself because seriously i need the sun!! Even Mike, who is the biggest utah advocate i've ever met, realized how much happier things are when the sun is out 350 days of the year after we live in AZ last semester. unfortunately we dont always see this lovely natural phenomenon too much this time of year in the great state of utah. :)

#2: my down comforter! i LOVE crawling into bed and feeling the softness of my blanket every night. Its so warm, yet light and just perfection.

#3: My glasses. I just got these new glasses before Halle was born and they are so wonderful! My old pair were not the right prescription anymore and one of the side arm things was broken off but i still wore them and they would always fall off and drove me crazy! so i LOVE being able to where these (which i do all morning every morning) and not having to put my contacts in if i dont want to. picture: yep just woke up and yay for my white skin; see lack of sun in utah comment earlier

#4: my cute hubby of course! this is a picture of him as a little boy- isnt he so dang cute!!??! i LOVE it!

And he's is still so dang good looking!! :) I am one lucky girl!

#5: NO TV! This week we have not been watching any TV and it is glorious! We unplugged it so we wouldnt be tempted and it seriously is SO nice. I have LOVED being able to just focus on Halle and Mike!

#6: my little one naturally... but i mention her all the time, so, i'll just say i just LOVE playing with her and today in particular i LOVE when she gets a good long nap! She tends to wake up after 40 minutes and think she's done with her nap time, so when she gets a good hour and a half to 2 hour nap she always wakes up so content and i get a lot done around the house!

#7: I love the little random things in the old house we live in. Take this pineapple light for example (Niki this one is for you. one reason i would be bad at trying to do your amazing vintage style is that i dont know when you look at things and go "ooo thats cool vintage" or "no thats ugly vintage" :)) Where can you find these? They are classic! LOVE them!


justin said...

we miss a few things in the provo house, namely...

- being close to the stadium. sure miss those football games!
- the backyard and swing
- mowing the lawn...seriously i miss the grass.
- the $300 heating bills! :)
- the garden
- having the shower go from perfect warm to scalding hot when anyone flushes the toilet.
- the squeeky bedroom door that wakes up the whole house when opened
- the beautiful view of timp.

tHe ApPeLs said...

this isnt cammies blog. im her older sis candice. :)..and the bumbo works great in the tub as long as you put it and the baby in before you fill the tub otherwise the bumbo floats :))

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

you are funny ash.

i love that pineapple light. i've never seen one like it but i do see cool vintage hanging lamps quite often at thrift stores and estate sales.

Brittney Blount said...

I like your down comforter. I remember many sleep overs at your house and we would snag your parents!

Jenny Dannels said...

We LOVE the Sun too! So you better get the heck out here to California and live by would really LOVE it our here! WE miss you guys like crazy. I want to hold Halle..i miss that cute girl. Get out here soon. Love you lots.

Porter and Karla said...

I feel the same way about vintage. Niki does know her stuff! And down comforters, ahhh. I could sleep all day snuggled in one. and I read your comments, I tried the whole bumbo in the bath thing after seeing candices' picture too but it didn't work so well with my hyper active little boy. my advice about missing the sun. . .move to Tucson, next door is for sale acctually, yes that would work nice, I would adore you as a neighbor:)

Anonymous said...

Hey -- your glasses looks like mine. That makes me feel stylish.

SweeneyFam said...

Those are great things to love!
I told you ~ you would grow to love those pineapple lights! And to think you wanted me to get rid of them! I love them. They are vintage classics!
You kids have been quite blessed to live in that Provo house. It may not be fancy but it's alot better than a crowded little apartment. Huh? But everyone has to take their turn in a little apartment sometime. :)