Wednesday, August 20, 2008

APX Office Olympics

This past week we a had fun Office Olympic event one morning before the guys went out to sell to help pump them up and celebrate the Olympics going on right now. Of course things got pretty intense a few times with 20 guys competeing on 4 teams :) We had a belly flop contest, 2 different relays- one that consisted of swimming across the pool with floaties on arms and legs, and another teammate had to get a ballon across the pool without using any hands- the other had gatorade chugging, pie eat, and sinking toys all with swimming in between, and then we had Watermelon Football (which is almost asking for an injury... but they were all able to stay mostly injury free so they could charge the rest of the week). Here are some fun pictures of our activities.
Getting ready for the Floatie relay

The Dive

Wyatt getting his balloon across

Watermelon Football (Team Italy, and Team Germany)


More Watermelon Football (Team USA, and Team China)

Mike Scores a big one! What a stud!

All the guys- Gold: Team USA, Silver: Team Germany, Bronze: Team China

Me and Mike


Ellsworth Fam said...

Yeah you have a blog... and I found it! :) So excited! The Office Olympics was awesome you guys did a great job putting it all together! It was so fun getting to know you guys this summer!!

Jake & Sarah said...

how fun! What a good idea! Looks like they had a blast! I love your swim suit! And Ashley do you have a little boy?

Ashley Smith said...

no we dont have any kids yet silly!! Thats our friend's boy... although he's so dang cute we'd love to claim him as ours :)