Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Mike and I just celebrated out 2 Year anniversary a couple of weeks ago- YAY!! We had a great day. We started it by going to the Ritz Carlton for Brunch, which was delicious, and then we were able to go down to the St.Louis Arch, do some shopping, relax, and just enjoy being together. We are so happy together and are glad that we have made it through 2 wonderful years! I always think its funny when people say they think we are so young to get married and that we're taking on so much earlier than we have to, but I always respond, "There are going to be hard times in life no matter what, marriage is a lot of work, but you always have your best friend to go through and get through everything with!" Marriage is awesome and I love Mike SO much and can't imagine my life without him! Thank you for all you do babe!
At brunch... not a great picture... we really are a lot happier than we look! :)

Mike and the Arch

It really is impossible to explain how tall and awe-inspiring the Arch is in real life


Stu and Alyssa said...

It was awesome to hear from you. It looks like you guys have had such a fun summer. Im glad you have a blog so now we can keep intouch. I hope all is well!

Ellsworth Fam said...

Oh CONGRATS guys! I loved your post... You guys are awesome! We loved getting to know you this summer.

Marin said...

yeaaahhhhh!!! I was thinking about you guys this month b/c I knew you guys were coming up to your two year anniversary!!! Congrats!! You guys are the cutest couple! And always sooo happy! Thanks for being a great example! We love you guys sooo much and miss you EVER sooo much! Hopefully we will get are phone hooked up this coming Friday so we can call and catch up!

schweenster said...

looks like you had a fun summer! we'll miss you guys and james and erin this fall! have fun at the BYU games and cheer hard since we won't be there...

oh...and enjoy the SNOW!!! :)