Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An attempt at family pictures

Mike and i have been talking for a long time about how we really need to get some family pictures taken!! unfortunately I havent really been on top of it so it hasnt ever happen! Saturday Morning we woke up and it was so beautiful outside so mike decided we needed to just snap a few at a park somewhere before it gets too cold in this town! After watching conference we tried to hurry and get everyone ready but of course it took longer than we wanted so we decided to do it after the second session rather than right before... eva got a little nap but then we had to wake her up to leave so she was crying pretty much the whole time we were there... no lunch and woken prematurely from a nap- not a great combo :) still not a complete waste of time! At lease we got a couple of all of us and some cute ones of other combinations of us!

 Halle- our little model

 He's getting TOO big TOO fast!!

Poor Eva... at least she's still so cute even when she's sad