Monday, May 31, 2010

Funny Face

So Halle makes the funniest face whenever i pull the camera out! Its like she's trying to smile, but it totally doesnt work. She just scrunches up her nose, and squints her eyes. Its makes me laugh so much every time! I wish i could post all the pictures with her making this face (i have like 30) it makes it more funny knowing she seriously does it every time i point the camera at her. Here she is making some funny faces and having fun while we were in AZ visiting my family.
We decided last minute to come out to San antonio- we just drove down this weekend so mike can be out here selling again this summer.

When we drove back to utah (from visiting Dannels in Cali and my fam in AZ) the last 3 hours were full of rain and .... SNOW! It was MAY 27th. we got home at about 1 in the morning and then this is what we woke up to. I also woke up to a message from my dad (who got a text with a snowy picture from my brother James) singing "I'm dreaming of a white summer"... and Mike wonders why i get so frustrated with utah's weather!?!

going under!

She seriously LOVED my parents pool. We were sad we had to leave! Its so nice having a pool in the backyard!

While we were in AZ my little cousin Brigham got baptized. I was thinking about not going, since they live out in Tucson, but i'm so glad i did! I always think that its just not that big of a deal when one of my cousins gets baptized, but HELLO, its one of the most important things they will do in their life! It was a sweet reminder to me of the covenants i have made with my heavenly father and also the blessings that are promised. And how wonderful it is that we are able to take the sacrament each week and renew those covenants! I am so grateful for all of my extended family who are all such good parents and examples to me, and good little cousins who are so sweet and righteous.
Halle also loves her baths! She just slips around and plays with the bubbles and her toys. OOOooooo i just LOVE this girl! She's taking a nap right now- oh she is just such a good girl.


Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

ashley she is sooo sweet! I wish I could see her!!! We need to try to get together one of these days!

Chelsey said...

What cute pictures! Hadley has that same swimsuit as Halle! Miss you guys!!

David and Shalynna said...

Okay, she is adorable! I love that she has a camera face every time you go to take a photo. I can just imagine you laughing each time. :)

Have a wonderful summer in Texas (it sounds like I'm writing in your yearbook).

And I was very surprised at the snow too. Seriously, what a joke!

Keighley Fleming said...

she is so cute! It's crazy to see all my friends from high school with babies. Congrats ASH!


PS. I have a blog that I post on every now and again.