Monday, April 12, 2010

Emma Kathleen Sweeney

My brother James and his wife Erin had their little baby girl last friday! Oooo she is SO perfect and precious! We went and visited them in the hospital a little so much just to see this sweet little brand new baby! Congratulations to them! We are so excited that we have a new cousin in our family!

Emma Kathleen Sweeney. Born Friday April 9th, 6 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches

Ok i wanted to just write about how much i love the book Eloise! If you have not read it, you must! :) I have always loved this book ever since i was a little girl. I would do sleepovers with my aunt Amy, who is only 6 years older than me, and i would make her read it to me pretty much every time i slept over. It just makes me laugh. Eloise is a little rambunctious girl who lives at the plaza. She loves causing trouble and she loves room service- "and charge it please, thank you very much!" I think every little girl should have a copy of it in their picture book collection.

Lastly, the last 2 weeks i have been getting the same little cracks on the side of my mouth in each corner! Ah! I put neosporin on them and chapstick constantly, but they both keep coming back! I have never had one last this long before! Maybe i should use it as an excuse to not eat so much! Oh it is just so frustrating! I'll think its gone and then i open my mouth to talk or eat and one or both sides just split open again! Owwwie!!!


Mike and Alyssa Althoff said...

Emma is adorable! Sorry that I was unable to answer your question. I lost all the phone numbers in my phone and when you called it didn't register in my phone so all I got was a voicemail with no way of calling you back. Anyways I just use embroidery thread and use quite a few strands so that it is thick enough to see the stitching. Sorry that I didn't get you the answer sooner and I hope that they turn out well for you. Haha I also hope that you see this.

Kendria said...

Isn't James like 12 years old?! Holy cow- I can't believe he is old enough to have a wife and baby! Time is flying by way too fast... Yes, your sweet baby girl is stinkin' cute!