Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Going on a walk

Christmas Day

Four Generations!

A family in my hom ward was doing a little traveling nativity and ask Mike and I to be Mary & Joseph with Halle as baby Jesus. It was short and sweet but such a cool experience for us! It made our Christmas

Kisses from Carden



Jenny Dannels said...

I want to just cuddle with Halle right now. She is the cutest. It was so good seeing you guys over Christmas. We miss you lots. You need to plan a trip to come and stay with us soon. Love you lots.

David and Shalynna said...

The nativity thing sounded so cool! I wanted to do something this year too since Oliver was so young and would have made a perfect Baby Jesus, but no one invited us like your friends. :(

She is such a doll, Ashley. She looks like you must have when you were young. Is that right?

Dallin and Amy said...

she is so cute!Especially in the manager! it was good to see you i am glad i have your blog address!