Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4 Wheeling

This past weekend our good friend Court took us 4-wheeling in Gunnison. He took us all the way up the mountain and around a whole long trail that was so beautiful and fun! We especially had a good time because we went 4-wheeling on our first date and haven't been since :) Thanks Court!


The Arnett Family said...

Whats up Ashey. I just found your blog because for one of my business classes our teacher told us to google our names and my name is on your blog so it showed up. Ha ha I am finding a lot of people that look at my blog and never leave a comment. So now you have no excuse to stay in contact with me. How are you, I haven't seen you in forever? You look great and happy. I miss you.

damonandkami said...

The view is gorgeous! Your halloween costumes are cute. we never dress up! hope everything is going good!

Natalie and Logan said...

4 wheeling is so much fun. I'm glad we ran into you guys at the mall the other day. Oh and I love the couch, I can't believe it's the same one.